Get Your Ideas In Front of Investors

At GTI, we put inventors in touch with investors and vice versa. From there, it’s up to you to make that next step.

We leave the driving to you so you may peruse your interests in your own way. We simply facilitate the introductions for a small fee.

INVENTORS: For $25 per idea, we place your idea into a database based on categories of interest which will be picked up by investors who will then reach out to you.

INVESTORS: You will be able to preview a snippet of an idea from Inventors, if it peaks your interest, you may express what interest you have in their project and make a proposal, make a bid, get added to the project, etc.

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About GotThisIdea

Everyone has ideas for new products, services, and solutions to problems. Sometimes people have no sense of where to turn, though, even if information or resources are available. Even then, most people will never take that next step. We simply want to facilitate the connection of people who have ideas with those who either like those ideas or want to help bring ideas to fruition.