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How to successfully launch your product

No one wants to pour their heart, time, and money into a project only to have it fizzle and go nowhere. From our experiece though you should expect a few stumbles before things begin to take off.

Chris Ronzio, over at provides some great advice on how to set yourself up for a successful product or service launch.


Should you take VC funding?

Tyler King, over at Less Annoying CRM, does a nice job of discussing the funding options for new companies...


Building the Team

It takes more than a great idea and money to make an idea happen...

Money, or at least the promise of money, is the first thing you need to begin to make your idea happen. But from there, you need a team. A team to market the idea, service, or product. A team to create the service or product. A team to run the company. GotThisIdea can help you create your team by getting your idea in front of the right people. People who know how to get it out there, get it done, and grow it into a full-fledged business.

What's Next

You've submitted your idea, what now?

Adding your idea puts it in front of potential investors, connections, and team members. Now, you need to work on refining your idea, sharing it with your people, and building a team to get it done. The more organized, thought out, and complete your idea is, the more likely you are to get the resources (money, expertise, investors) to bring it to life. And by sharing it among people you already know, you might be surprised what people have to offer to help grow your idea.