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Adding your idea puts it in front of potential investors, connections, and team members. Now, you need to work on refining your idea, sharing it with your people, and building a team to get it done. The more organized, thought out, and complete your idea is, the more likely you are to get the resources (money, expertise, investors) to bring it to life. And by sharing it, through email or Social Media, among people you already know, you might be surprised what people have to offer to help grow your idea.

All of these things will also earn your "Points" that help push your idea up in the default view of the Idea list. GotThisIdea uses an advanced algorythm to help the best ideas rise to the top so they get seen by serious investors and other potentially valuable folks. Learn More...

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip.

Just the $25. No equity stake. No ownership. No control. No voting rights. No licensing rights. No nothin.

Points are a way to quickly determine the reputation and popularity of ideas and users. The higher the point values, the more likely that idea or user is well established.

See the Point Award Grid

Users get points, for creating ideas, adding detail, having user interact with their ideas, and interacting with ideas of others.

Ideas get points for being created, having detail added, and having users interact (view, like, follow, express interest, ...) with them.


Engage Users - Increase Participation - Provide Instant Feedback

It rewards users for being active participants and thus encourages more active participation and also gives users a basis to judge the credibility of other users.

Go participate, it will all make sense soon.

The people behind GotThisIdea.com work in areas where ideas are born... 

For business owner wannabes:

Having a great idea is wonderful, but investors are looking for people that can make that idea become a reality. Here are some steps that can help prove you're ready for investment:

  1. Working Prototype - if you have a product, website idea, or technology, having some form of a working prototype that proves your idea is possible is always key. If you've put enough into your idea to prove it can work, investors will take you and your idea more seriously.
  2. Experienced Team - Some people are great at the science or technology, but for an idea to take flight, it needs a team of people that can handle all aspects from manufacturing to marketing to financials and more. If you browse other ideas on this site, you might be able to find the right people to build out your team and you can invite them to join you.
  3. Proven Record - Proof that you have achieved success in similar ventures.

For Idea Sellers:

It's always best to have a prototype of an idea, but sometimes it's not possible (you lack the resources, craftsmenship, desire, etc.) to create one. In cases like this, the more detailed your description, the easier it will be to attract attention. Parts 2 and 3, above, are still imporant, but might not be necessary. One of GotThisIdea's founders licensed a drug delivery device to an international company with nothing more than a drawing. You can, too.

First and foremost, you should only share enough information about your idea to get people interested and to prove it's viability. Your goal should be to get qualified people to express interest in your idea so that you can then contact them and work towards an agreement. Part of that agreement should include a Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA. There are many good NDAs available on the internet. Which one is best may depend on your particular idea. It is definitely wise to consult a qualified lawyer to ensure you are covered prior to disclosing details of your idea that might allow others to steal or run with your idea without you.

If your going to plop down $25 and share your idea with the world, it's reasonable for you to want to make sure we have serious investors that will be looking at your idea... We contact private equity and venture capital firms, corporations, banks, patent attorneys, enterprise centers, etc., to help channel investment interest to our Idea-Makers. 

We can't share all the details but the primary reason we built this site because we were seeing a LOT of demand in the circles we travel from people looking for new options to invest their money. People who want in on the ground floor. And we had a lot of people in finance wanting to steer people to us if we could build it... The money is out there for the right ideas. We'll help you get your idea in front of the right people. 

Seasoned, successful entrepreneurs who made the leap-of-faith and capitalized on their ideas.